Hey there!

My name is Taylor, and I am a concept artist with many loves of the other aspects of game development.

Iā€™m an avid world-builder who is dedicated to making all the individual pieces of a fictional work fit together, and I have an intense curiosity to explore different forms of visual story expression. I love to learn new programs and new artistic processes, and I am always willing to try something unorthodox. I also have experience creating product designs and working with both middlemen and manufacturers directly to create high-quality products and swag that fans will love, and am comfortable being shuffled around to do miscellaneous tasks to get the project out the door.

I have dipped a toe in many parts of the art pipeline for games, from rigging and animation to modeling and hand-painted/PBR texturing, to UI, VFX, and lighting. While I am definitely not an expert in any of these disciplines, the surface knowledge of all of these pieces of the pipeline allows me as a concept artist to design with the intent to solve problems and to create new ideas within the technical restraints of a project. My goal as a concept artist is to work diligently with designers to achieve a vision that excites the team, and to further clarify these ideas as needed by the other artists or developers.

My previous team members have described me as a mamma bear, lifting the spirits of my team through small post-it note doodles of encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, or advocating on their behalf. I am not content to sit in my silo and I aim to foster relationships not only with my fellow artists, but also with the other disciplines and departments.

In my free time I am developing my own IP called the Wajinka System, a science fantasy space opera where humans are the endangered species in a remote sector of the galaxy. I also enjoy shrimp keeping in aquariums, cooking, and raiding with my guild in WoW.